Rowing Lesson

You will learn and practice how to steer, row and stop a real gondola, just like gondoliers do. After a lesson (the average length is 1.5 hours) you will also know how to tell prow and stern oars apart and be able to hold an oar the right way.

Of course we won’t be talking only of how the gondola is made and about the peculiar Venetian rowing style. You will discover the origins of Venice and get to know the larger islands of its lagoon, as well as listen to some fascinating facts about the place where you will be rowing: a truly immersive experience in a unique natural environment, shaped by thousand of years of history.

A maximum of 4 people per lesson ensures a pleasurable learning experience to all participants.

Children and non-rowing partners can sit on the comfortable “parecio”, the elegantly decorated seats, and watch you carrying them around if they prefer doing so.

Although a gondola is a very large and stable boat, for security reasons we request minors to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Life jackets are available for those who wish to wear one.

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