Practical information

There are a few practicalities to be aware of before doing a gondola rowing lesson.

There are a few practical things to be aware of before doing a gondola rowing lesson.


You won’t need any special equipment, since we provide boat and oars, but comfortable shoes and loose clothes are suggested.

In summer, a hat is suggested (you may want to bring a stray one and pair it with a striped shirt to complete your gondolier look). Sunscreen and sunglasses are a good idea, too.
In cold weather, layers are the key, since rowing will warm you up quickly.

Life jackets are available for those who wish to wear one, even though the gondola is a very large and stable vessel and there is no danger of capsizing. No one has fallen in until now.

Food and beverages

We recommend that you always bring a bottle of water with you.

Food and drinks are not included, but can be purchased before or after the lesson at the bar on Certosa island.

There is also a nice restaurant on Certosa island, called Certosino, which serves both lunch and dinner. You can reserve a table and relax there before or immediately after the tour.


The gondola is equipped with a waterproof camera and takes photos of you during the tour. We’ll send you the photos free of charge a few days afterwards.

You can bring your own camera.  However, if the camera is not waterproof, you should be very careful not to get the camera wet. The salinity of the water is such that it only takes a few drops of water to ruin a camera or other electronics for good. Please note that we will not be held accountable for any damage of this kind.

Meeting place

All trips start from Certosa island where we meet in the hotel bar. If you come early, that is a nice place for a cup of coffee. When the lesson is over, we will return to the same place we started from.


There are toilets and showers available on Certosa island. You should bring your own towel.


It is not safe to go out in windy days. The gondola as no motor and can be quite difficult to maneuver outside of the walled protection of the narrow canals of Venice, especially when the tide is creating a lot of current.

In case of bad weather we will try to reschedule your lesson. That’s why it is very recommended that you book for the beginning of your stay, in case we have to wait a couple of days for the wind or rain to calm down.