If you think of Venice you think of its water streets, right?

In fact, boats are the natural way to move around in this unique and beautiful city.

Venice could not have become what it is now without boats, and the gondola is surely the most admired one.

Nowadays you can find gondolas (both original ones and bad copies) all around the world.

This is the proof of how much this wonderful boat is loved!

Be Venetian can teach you how to row a real gondola, in her natural setting.

Don’t miss out the occasion to experience first-hand rowing like a gondolier!

Gondola rowing lessons

Gondola lesson

Gondola rowing lesson for 1-4 persons, of a duration of 1½-2½ hours depending on group size.

The Be Venetian team

We're a little group of friends with a shared passion for Venetian rowing. We'd like to share that passion with you.
Saul Hoffmann

Saul Hoffmann

Be Venetian - Row a real gondola

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Giovanni Da Lozzo

Lucia Scudellaro

Lucia Scudellaro

Coordinator & Planner

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The basic rowing lesson is 90 minutes long. On our gondola we can ensure a pleasurable experience for up to four learners at the time. In case someone prefers to sit on the "parecio" (the elegantly decorated seats) instead, they can do so.

How to find us

Be Venetian is based at Vento di Venezia on Certosa island, in the lagoon, just east of the city of Venice. Certosa island is served by water-bus (“vaporetto”) lines 4.1 and 4.2, from Piazzale Roma, San Marco and Fondamente Nove.

Rowing lesson

With Be Venetian you can learn and practice how to steer, row and stop a real gondola, just like gondoliers do. Our experienced instructors will teach you all you need to know.

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